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Turning pages

If you ask me why I love them so much, I don’t think I can give you an answer. I think it’s the fact that these things are still around even when everything can be easily read on our phones. Even when it seems as though going digital, is going to change the way we learn and experience things. I think it’s holding and physically turning pages rather than scrolling and staring at a screen all day is why I'm so in love with them.

I’m talking about books.

There’s something about walking into a bookstore and seeing shelves and shelves full of beautiful book covers and spines. Physically picking up a book and reading, letting the words come to life and paint a picture. They’re just stories ready to be read and I hope to visit every bookstore I can. If you haven’t walked into a bookstore lately, let me describe it for you.

It’s like walking into a candy store for the first time, literally, the different genres, bright colors and the art. Bookstores, at least independent bookstores, are very welcoming. They offer a comfortable space and most have reading nooks and chairs to read a few pages of a book to see if it’s something you are interested in.

The staff are full of literature knowledge that I can never understand. Really, I don’t know how someone can be so smart, give me some of your smartness please.

Here are a few of my favorite bookstores in Los Angeles that I have visited (so far):

Located in the Walnut Grove shopping center in northridge, this bookstore is a hidden gem. It looks small from the outside, but ones you walk in, there's no end. This is my go to place to find a good classic. Looking to fill your shelves with books? This place has “banker box” days which give customers the opportunity to fill a banker box for only $10.

This bookstore is cozy with chairs and seating areas as well as a great selection of CD’s, DVD’s, records and childrens books.

This can be mistaken for a museum. Located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Book Soup has 60,000 titles, specializing in art, film, photography, music and literary fiction. This bookstore has shelves built from floor to ceiling, filled with books from around the world.

If you drive too fast you’ll pass by this one. This is a hidden gem. Since 2006, this bookstore has become the premier area with new and used bookstores. They are a family owned and family operated business. They offer a wide rage of genres and subjects including rare collectables.

There’s a tree inside this bookstore. Enough said. Opened in November of 97’, this bookstore includes local artist, musicians, writers, and scholars. It feels as though this bookstore was built around this tree, you have to see it to believe it, or check out their Instagram.

This bookstore carefully curates it’s section with used and rare titles emphasizing literature, film and arts. It’s small yet it has a great selection of books for everyone.

Located in the Spring Arts Tower on5th and spring, the 22,000 square feet bookstore was a former bank including a vault that carries their collectable. Their creative displays makes them the most “instagramable” bookstores in Los Angeles. With the book bridge, you might recognize these photos.

With more than 150,000 books in stock, the Iliad specializes in literature and arts, this bookstore has shelves, tables and buckets full of used books. This bookshop looks and feels like a library, with seating area perfect for reading one raining afternoon.

This one is considered the oldest independent bookstore in Los Angeles. This indie bookshop hosts monthly book clubs and book signings with new authors every month.

This quaint bookstore includes a coffee shop inside, indoor seating and an outdoor patio.

They have a little bit of everything for everyone, books, records, music, and film. This bookstore has a wide selection of books focusing mainly on the arts, literature, poetry, film, stage, and philosophy.

Started in 2015, they teamed up with the ABA (American Bookseller Association) to bring a robust, comprehensive and up to date site and shopping experience. They have over 4.5 million books on their local warehouse, their collection is as beautiful in person as it is online.

You don’t have to be a literary connoisseur to enjoy a good book! Get out there and visit a bookstore!

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